The Pros And Cons Of Social Engineering

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In modern technology world, none of technologies are secures enough to do all work using confidential and personal data. Social engineering has been looming as one biggest concern related to security personal information. Security doors, biometric scanners, policies, strong passwords, firewalls, defence in depth etc. all this security related controls are worthless against a skilled social engineering. Because social engineering target on the weakest link in the organization i.e. human.
Social engineering requires a unique skill to get around security controls not by exploiting vulnerabilities in a system and hacking but exploiting vulnerabilities in human beings. Social engineering is done using a type of masquerading. A person masquerading
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Social engineering can be both positive and negative impact on individuals and on society. Even if systems and technology can be made as the most secured technology, but it will be useless or worthless if weakest link is human …show more content…
This where humans act as weakest link and, also this is where humans should be alert that if they want to secure their systems and information, they should be aware about all techniques to prevent this incident happening with them.
Sales person and Recruiters
Con man/ identity thefts
Other groups and organization
Spices and intelligent services
Other professionals

Method of social engineering: -
Now we know about what social engineering is? and why social engineering method is used to circumvent security, and types of people who have these kinds of skills. But how people initiate social engineering attack.

Figure1: - Social Engineering Approach

Phase 1 – Reconnaissance an information gathering: