The Pros And Cons Of Space Exploration

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Warfare has plagued the history of mankind since before the beginning of recorded history. This malicious act of slaughtering other humans has been done for pride, territory, food, and resources. But 73 years ago an event happened that would change the course of history. In a desperate final attempt to turn the tide of the war, German forces launched multiple V2 Rockets against the advancing and soon to advance ally forces (Hollingham). Resulting in the deaths of several thousand people, the V2 wouldn’t always be used for warfare. Ironically, the V2 Rocket became the base platform from which the United States and many other countries would use to begin our adventures into the Final Frontier. These adventures would start as separate races but …show more content…
This has not deterred many private companies from assuming the mantle. Scientists from around the world are joining private space companies in an effort to continue the exploration of space. This further goes to prove that space exploration invokes unity among people from all over the world and by continuing the exploration of space countries can drastically improve the domestic and foreign relations between each other.

After the War ended countries began to focus their attention on space exploration. The two most notable instances were between the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR). In the time after the Second World War, referred to as the Cold War, there was a conflict between these two superpowers. One of the main components of the War was the Space Race. The US and USSR indirectly fought one another to get to space first. Then to orbit Earth. Then to get to Luna. This competition brought about strong unity among citizens in the United States and allied countries alike. The US had an advantage over the USSR by having the man who engineered the V2,