The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Technology; the newest and even best way to meet people, get information, and even pay your bills hasn’t yet reached its peak and continues to become more and more developed. Although technology has a lot to offer us and is a great way to navigate what you need, this could be considered a blessing and a curse. You might be right if you were to say that the only people who have spoken up and confessed the horrors of the tech world are probably the same people who mix up the two most common social medias and get the combination “MyFace” or “SpaceBook”, but here are some crystal clear statements on why technology should be cut back and maybe even sometimes not used at all. It’s actually very simple, if you think about it as a never ending cycle. You start off researching information to help support your claim in a paper and then you end up on Tommy Hilfiger picking out which color button down you think would look best with the new scarf you just got. You then realize that you got off topic, save the clothes in your basket, and then go back to your paper and in the back of your mind you store the thought that when you’re done with your English assignment go back and finish your shopping. The point here is that with technology you never know when to stop, and you never know when enough is enough, (which of course there never is a limit according to your internet provider.) Now you’re thinking about what jeans would match accordingly when your new blouse arrives in its finely wrapped, smooth, and oh-so beautiful gift box on your front steps on your way to school, and that’s consuming your brain while in the midst of writing your paper. You are now doing what is defined as multi-tasking; the art of doing more than one thing at the same time or thinking about doing more than one thing. As stated in source number three, paragraph six, “heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, scientist says, and they experience more stress.” Another line that was found in source number three was a sentence in paragraph four that backs up the theory that was given about technology being a never ending cycle, “The stimulation provokes excitement - a dopamine squirt - that researchers say can be addictive. In the absence, people feel bored.” The children of our generation, and our children, and even our children’s children will have to fight the never ending battle of an abundance of stress due to the constant thought process of English first, Tommy Hilfiger second. Not only are we giving the children the terrible tommy Hilfiger multitasking stress, but now we are giving them trust issues. You put all of your information onto a hard drive and expect it to stay there forever. There are companies that depend solely on a computer too back up their customer’s information, and to accompany phone conversations. When the computers crash or they get wiped (even on accident) all of the information is gone and there’s no getting that back. So now you have an angry customer and you know that where you find an angry customer you’ll find a very angry boss right around the corner. Technology shouldn’t be depended on, as you would depend on a human being. Technology isn’t something that can control itself, you control it and so that means that you shouldn’t put your passwords or anything else that you cannot afford to lose on a piece of equipment because that computer can crash just about as fast as Jesus can save. You’re sitting at your desk at work, filling out your time sheets and then after that you have to write up the schedule for next month’s employee work days. You know that you have to get the work done and your boss is counting on you to finish before the day is over but your computer keeps on dinging from emails. You cave, open up the emails from your mother in-law and once again it’s one of those YouTube videos that don’t make anyone laugh but you have to watch just in case she does the