The Pros And Cons Of The American Dream

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In a Trump Tower announcement in June 2015, President Donald Trump said "The American Dream is dead". This was the start of trying to bring back the american dream that has been unsuccessful so far. The american dream isn’t attainable because less americans have a college education to get a better job, more americans these days are being paid a low minimum age and are not surviving off the low wage that they are being paid and are falling under the poverty line.
The American dream of having a good job is attainable by getting a good college education. The American dream has become harder to obtain with more jobs needing a good education is expensive in 2018. Research shows that in 1970, a college courses only cost 40 dollars compared to 2014 when they cost $1,624 dollars at Columbia University (Davis). In 2018 the overall tuition for one year at Columbia University cost $51,008.
The average person has to pay 25,620 dollars for outside of the state college and in state tuition is 10,000 and up depending on where they go. “People determine if they go to college and get a degree” (Clark). Ultimately, individuals are the ones choosing to go to school to get a job that will make them financially stable. Families across america are struggling to live the american dream with being paid in s small wage. Finally, getting a good job requires get a
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Americans are struggling to stay out of poverty and be financially stable. In 1981, the top percent of people earned 27 times more than the bottom 50 percent. In 2018, the top 1 percent earn 81 percent more than the bottom 50 percent (Nadasen). Wages are declining at the lower part of the economic ladder. This is harder on families that struggle to get by most families that are below the line are getting financial help from the state or government (Nadasen). The U.S has a high poverty rate for children about 25 percent of them live in