The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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The world is more advanced in the field of advanced electronic technology today demand also grew. Internet becomes a necessity in modern society. Various benefits can be obtained from the use of the internet. For example, a variety of information, news and information can be found by browsing the Internet. Such information is not only available in a few seconds even just a click away. However, despite the benefits of the internet, there are still some people make the internet as a platform to commit crimes. The criminal acts in cyberspace known as cyber-crime. Fraud is one of cybercrime. In cyberspace fraud was occur when someone falsifies or copying any specific information. For example, there are third parties - that take advantage of plagiarism banking website. Cyber fraud is quite easy because …show more content…
There are too many cases that related to love scam that been reported by the victims. Love scam is usually related with romance scam, online dating and so on. As we know love scam occurs through the online dating sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, e-mail and so on. The scammers love scam through the online dating target that the victims is female either under age, teenagers or adults. The scenario of love scam is the scammers begin with the set up fake identities at online dating sites and social networking sites, by using stolen pictures of attractive individuals which often models or army officers. When, the scammer has found their victims, they will make a contact and develop an intimate online relationship with the victim. Usually girls or women are easily to fall in love with someone with attractive figure. After that, they have find their victims, they will start to online dating, that everyday chatting together, the scammers start to make their victims more closely with them. When the victim is already fall in love with them, the scammers start to cheat his