The Pros And Cons Of Universal Health Care

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Attention future leaders of tomorrow, concerns regarding the United States of America are growing, healthcare, social issues, and criminal issues need to be revised.
As you may have noticed the American healthcare system in its current state is a failure.
After many hours of research, sources have stated that approximately sixteen percent of the American population does not have any health insurance.
However, many people believe that the modern medical industry is successful, and that success is based on competition and consumer choice. There have been arguments, that making health care universal, would threaten our democratic, capitalist sensibility.
Critics of universal health insurance, dispute over if medicine and medical care were to be suddenly
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The topic that might interest you more is college tuitions, they have increased drastically over the years, making us young adults and our families go into debt for having to take out loans for our education.
The government could help us by recognizing that education should be our right not a privilege, therefore lowering costs by providing scholarships of a higher value, and possibly as noted before, reducing military spending.
Lastly, criminal affairs could be significantly reduced by increasing security background checks and psychological evaluations before being allowed to purchase a weapon.
A small percentage of the American population has strongly considered the eradication of the second amendment; while that might bring this country to witness a great decrease in deaths of innocent citizens, others debate that it is their constitutional right to bear