The Protest Of Rosa Parks

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When I read the quote by Margaret Meads I imeditialy think of one of the most recognizable historical events where a group of small people accomplished something big. This event was the protest of Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of the bus in 1955. Although refusing to sit at the back of a bus is something that now seems silly back then only people of color sat at the back of the bus and this was a huge deal. She had planned this action with a small group of NAACP members and it was a dangerous decision on her part. She risked prosecution and persecution, jail time and beatings. It seems unthinkable now, but she was convicted and fined for violating segregation laws that said a black person must give up his or her seat to a white person on a bus. The refusal of Rosa Parks set off a boycott of the city bus system that lasted 381 days. The convection of Rosa Parks was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court which then decalred the Jim Crow laws of segretation unconstitutional. Although I have never been able to set off a change as big as Rosa Parks I do my best to make positive changes in the world. Throughout highschool once a year art teachers and students would get together and create bowls on potters wheels by hand and donate them to help with a charity event. This event was called the Empty Bowls project. People from around the county are welcome to come and enjoy soup in one of the handmade bowls and keep the bowl for a $15 donation. This donation would then