The Prowler

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The Prowler The movie The Prowler was directed by Joseph Losey in 1951. The entire movie was shot in black in white. A Prowler by definition is someone who lurks in a neighborhood with the intention of committing a crime. In the beginning of the movie, the protagonist Susan Gilvray meets a twisted cop after reporting a prowler. Without this initial interaction, there wouldn’t be plot. The cop turns out to be a prowler later in the movie. The opening credits suggest that the plot entails a “daring love story”. The women falls completely infatuated with a cop that has ill intentions. This represents the idea of falling for someone you can’t have. It is similar to the play Oedipus who falls for someone he can not have and is ultimately ruined by greed. The prowler ends by the cop wanting her husband’s money. The murder of her husband resulted in the downfall of the cop similar to Oedipus murder of the king. The film starts with Susan being petrified by seeing a prowler outside her bathroom window. This gives the cop the first interaction with Susan. The relationship between the cop, Webb, and Susan grows as they continue to see each other on a regular basis. There meetings are repeated to show the intensity of their relationship increasing. Sounds of howling wind and dramatic music are used during the labor of her child. The sounds increased the tension felt by the audience. The film uses a dim light on her first husband to suggest his insignificance in the film. The