The Pseudo Gig: A Lesson On Leadership And Ethics

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The Pseudo Gig:
A Lesson on Leadership and Ethics Most leaders carry themselves with an angelic public image. Yet, many leaders walk a fine line between good and bad, and right from wrong. Leaders that don’t recognize the importance of ethics in the workplace generally stride in the company of bad and wrong. However, the ones that give ethical behavior value can truly walk upright and without any sense of dishonor. Leaders that exhibit leadership values such as competency, integrity, honesty, respect, just to name a few, will clearly define their character, and which side of the line they will be performing on; the “right and good” (Hitt, 1990, p.35), not the bad and ugly. In contrast, the ones that never identify and apply these types of values raise many questions regarding their character and their agenda. The true message I would like to represent convincingly to you is that leadership cannot be faked. True leaders maintain their moral character everyday in their personal lives and the workplace. Additionally, when ethics is disregarded and disrespected and not built on moral foundations, the flaws of leadership bleed distrust, manipulation, and incompetence, among other polluted human characteristics. In the long run leadership is pathetic, falsified, the true character exposed, and the gig is up. While people can find different styles and terms for leadership, thus making it confusing and difficult to choose one best style for all situations, there is one absolute method that is timeless – always be ethical, real and genuine. Regardless of any situation, when this route is taken, followers have an exhausting time finding defects or holes in ones character, authority is then respected, leading is unforced and following is natural. This is a result of following principle-based natural laws that govern human effectiveness (Covey, 1989, p.32). It is natural for myself to be ethical and real, and while there are times within my universe I am not always correct and perfect, I am genuine with people. It’s a strong foundation and a pretty good recipe for effective leadership, and one in which gives me confidence as a person. The confidence to know that when the time comes to lead a group of subordinates I will approach it with professionalism. I picture myself leading by example, treating people with respect, politely listening to concerns, and always searching for ways to improve. Moreover, improvement (learning) is never ending and essential to everyone because just as we are all guaranteed death, we are also assured of the stresses that life will bring. Therefore, preparing oneself physically and mentally is paramount for the inner strength needed for critical decision-making, and when the going gets tough at home or the workplace. Once again, giving even more value to maintaining ethical behavior to help in interpreting between right and wrong. One declaration is definite - I will not be artificial; I will not be dishonest nor will I be a manipulator. Sounds like a lot hot air, right? Well I live to treat others as I would like to be treated, hence the confidence in myself to treat others with human values I hold first-class: respect, dignity, and with sincerity, whether in my personal or professional life. Personally I do not appreciate it when a person of authority is not sincere with their actions or message, or hide behind personal agendas. Agendas that sooner or later rear their ugly heads, because just like many lies, deception is suffocated with many unanswered question that ultimately force the truths to surface. An uncomfortable feeling takes charge of the floor, thus credibility and trust is gone until the next leader is given an opportunity. On the other hand, I do vision myself setting the tone for individuals to succeed. “ An ethical environment is conductive to effective leadership, and effective leadership is conductive to ethics” (Hitt, 1990, p.1). A very powerful