The Psychiatric Evaluation of Holden Essay

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Dear Mr. And Mrs. Caufield,
My name is Dr. Dan. For the past few weeks Holden and myself have built a strong relationship while I have been psychiatrically evaluating Holden. My goal is to help Holden through his few social dilemmas that separate him from the rest of the teenage world. One attribute that has a great influence in Holden’s separation from the teenage world is his negativity towards others around him. He refers to almost everyone as a “phony” and a moron. I believe that Holden views the people around him like this because he lost his only real friend at a young age. Allie, Holden’s late brother belongs to the very exclusive group that contains all of the people that your son believes to be true and honest. Holden’s performance in school is also a major factor in Holden’s problems. Holden is flunking out of every subject except for English. Holden excels in English. English appears to be his favorite subject, and the only subject that he puts effort into. Holden’s grades are a factor in his problems because they do not reveal the real Holden. After evaluating Holden and listening to his story I have came to the conclusion that your son is an extremely intelligent young man. Without the use of academic tests Holden has proved this by sharing his different views on life and using very vivid descriptions while expressing his views. If Holden used his intelligence throughout his time in the classroom he would be bearing close to an A average oppose to the F average that has forced him out of various private schools. After speaking with Holden I have realized that the young man has a firm grasp on what he wants in his life. I feel that your son is heading in the right direction for the future. He wants to be able to establish a life