The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Essay

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Spencer Vaughn
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February 16, 2014
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1. Jon Ronson wrote The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry. The topic of the book is about how to recognize a psychopath using the symptoms of what all the patients has. Jon Ronson is an author, journalist, and a documentary filmmaker. He has already worked in the realm of psychopaths before. He has also studied the most psychopaths before as a journalist.
2. The book aims to accomplish how to figure out if someone is a psychopath. It specifically covers the disorder of a psychopath. The book does not really tell a specific story, but it actually just covers multiple stories of multiple psychopaths.
3. The author has a bias towards the CEO’s of companies. He talked about how ten percent of CEO’s are psychopaths. So, during the book he seemed to believe that all of them were psychopaths. He tries to cover both sides of what people think a psychopath is. He talks to normal people about their opinions, and he talks to the psychopaths to see what they think of themselves.
4. The author doesn’t really have a point of view. He bases all of his findings off of Bob Hares psychopath test. His results were to find who was a psychopath. He did find the psychopaths from experimentation, which was talking to the psychopath to decide which of the 20 items of Bob Hares list do the psychopaths have in common.
5. This book Is readable and very well organized. It was gripping. The book was set by chapter, and for every chapter had a different psychopath that was being tested.
6. The book did not really do what do what it claimed to do. The beginning of the book talked about how there was a letter that needed to be figured out quickly. But then the rest of the book talked about psychopaths. Then at the very end is when the letter is actually mentioned again, and the book does not fully explain what the letter meant in the first place.
7. The book was educational in the aspect that it taught the reader how to spot out a psychopath. The strengths were that it was well organized and you can