The Psycopathic Mental and Personality Disordr of Charles Manson Essay

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The Psycotic and

How we live our childhood and grow up can have an impact on adult years and determine how our minds are in regards to right and wrong. Charles Manson lived a terrible child hood, and no child should have to go through what he went through. This does not excuse what we do wrong, morally or unlawfully in our adult years, but can have a terrible impact on the mind. The schools for crime causation will help to try to understand Charles Manson, his childhood, adult live, and life of crime.

Charles Manson Charles Manson was not any ordinary man. He did not have a happy child hood, even in his teen years, and most of his life has been spent incarcerated. The schools of crime causation and some of their
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And they did!” (2006, p. 1). Lerma was right. Charles Manson learned the techniques of scientology along with L. Ron Hubbard’s (Lerma, 2006) techniques to brain wash his followers to do anything he told them to do. L Ron Hubbard wrote “A very effective thought control technique could also be worked out from Scientology, which could be used to make individuals into willing slaves” (Lerma, 2006). Charles Manson had a trouble youth and ended up spending his young adult life incarcerated. “Manson drifted, had a troubled youth-an illegitimate child, he bounced from town to town, engaging in a haphazard string of petty crimes and larcenous acts, spending seventeen of his first thirty-two years in jails and prisons” (Lerma, 2006, p. 4). Manson was not a violent person, but had offenses such as “burglary, car theft, forgery, and pimp” (Lerma, 2006, p. 4). A psychotic mind can be very smart. So smart as to learn scientology, hypnotize his followers, and plan dooms day, while in prison. But, psychology only takes a look at the personality and thinking of Charles Manson, but his upbringing is part of the main factors of his actions. This is where the sociological school of crime causation takes over. The sociological theories of crime causation mainly focus on Manson being a product of his environment. To take a look at