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The Public Library: Pluses and Minuses

Have been to other countries, and I can say that public libraries elsewhere are not half as good as the ones in America. The public library system in the United States is absolutely wonderful but also entirely underutilized. I soon discovered that even though the public library is wonderful, it also has some disadvantages that I did not see coming.

One of the neatest advantage of public libraries is the inter-library loan system. Library cardholders not only have access to their local public library branch but also to all other libraries in the entire city. Card holders are in no way limited to what the books their branch houses but can take advantage of the entire array of that public library. When a person walks into a library, the silence suggests there is serious work, and reading going on. This is because the less distraction there are, the more work can get done , while having the optimum enivorment to conduct research. Another great advantage is that users not only can borrow books from other branches in the city, but can also request books from other branches to be delivered to their local branch. This tool is great for cardholders who do not have time to trek across town to another public library branch. All one has to do is find the wanted book online in the public library database, place a hold request on the book, and name the branch to deliver it to. The book will be delivered to the local branch, and will be waiting behind the check-out-counter. Most public libraries also offer popular fiction books, and other new releases. This means one does not need to purchase expensive hardcovers books. For those who cannot afford computers, and internet access, the library is there to offer such opportunity either for checking of emails or project research, and if a person needs to print out anything or make photocopies.

Although the public library is a good place, and has so many advantages, several disadvantages come with it as well. One very annoying disadvantage is that they are expensive