The Purpose of Education Paragraph Essay

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The Significance of Education Inside the look of present day classrooms, the majority of students are unmotivated, and in turn disrupts the learning environment by distracting their peers who have the desire to be successful. A few reasons why students could feel unmotivated are, lack of teacher and student communication, less to no interest in certain subjects, or believes learning the lessons taught are not useful in the future. For the sake of solving these problems, education should allow students to reach their intellectual potential and understand the reasons behind the importance of education. Moreover, most students now a days, would agree that education is useless and that there is no point in learning the subjects taught if they cannot see a future using them. Though, many would agree that one cause of students’ believing this is pop culture. For instance, most songs proclaim that education is “lame,” causing these artists’ to influence students in a bad away. However, what students’ don’t understand is that “without education, neither humans nor society will advance” (Brown, Harold O. J.). In order to change students’ views on education, teachers should give them individual support. Yet, students “must not merely sit and listen but arise and follow” the instruction of the teacher by doing their homework, studying for tests, and participating in class (Brown, Harold O. J.). Furthermore,
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