The Purpose Of Higher Education

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Erica Heredia
February 14, 2015
Melisa Davis

THE PURPOSE OF FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION Many people wonder, what’s the purpose of higher education? There are many reasons why people pursue higher education. My description of pursuing a higher education may be different than other people. Just like everyone has their own definition of success. In my way of thinking, my characterization of a purpose of higher education is to become more knowledgeable in your current field, to be able to provide for your family financially, and to better your life. “Studies have shown that the best employees are also some of the best trained. Employers want to know that they have made a good investment in their workforce and that you have the knowledge necessary to be of the most benefit to them.” (Graduate Educational Information Service (GEIS) 08/20/2013)i Becoming more educated in your current field is very important. By furthering your education you put yourself in “the game” of becoming more of an asset for your company, and by doing so opening yourself to a better opportunity and a more substantial pay.
“Employers generally consider what a particular position is worth to them and tend to adjust wages accordingly as they review a worker's abilities. As you increase your value to an employer, you will boost the prospects of earning a higher salary as well.” (Graduate Educational Information Service (GEIS) 08/20/2013)ii Having a considerable pay will lower the hardships that you and your family go through financially. Many people go through a lot