The Purpose Of Internship In Business Management Department

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MKTG 297
Internship Program
Business Management Department Student-Trainee Training Station
Employment Dates TRC Coordinator

A. Purpose of Internship Training
This Internship Training Manual will become part of the intern's permanent record at Three Rivers College. The intern shall complete the reports and documents in the rear of this manual in accordance with the Timeliness Schedule stated herein. The Training Manual shall be given to the TRC Coordinator at the end of the Training Period with all reports and documents completed. The reports and documents shall remain a part of this manual and shall not be removed. The TRC Coordinator shall grade the student based upon intern's satisfactory completion of all reports and documents and Employee's Evaluation of Student. The completion of each of the weekly report forms and research topics should: 1. Serve as a basis for application of business management instruction to on- the-job situations, 2. Involve the employer and remind them of their responsibility to train the intern for the job, and 3. Help the instructor and employer evaluate the intern's work experience.
As a result of their related activities and work experience, the intern should: 1. Develop marketable vocational skills and functional information demanded in employment, 2. Develop pride and self-confidence in a chosen occupation and practice good workmanship, 3. Possess the basic occupational information associated with all employment; i.e. social legislation, employer/employee relations, and labor laws, 4. Understand problems facing management and labor and contribute sound advice to their solution, and 5. Be more capable and better qualified to fulfill the duties and gain promotion, realizing what they want from the job.
As a result of their general education, the intern should acquire general social behavior patterns, such as: 1. Emotional stability and the ability to adjust to personal, family, and social problems, 2. Development of personal talents and weaknesses and ways of dealing with the same, 3. Realization of the dignity of all occupations and their position in today's economic system,

4. Selection of an occupation in harmony with their abilities and interests, 5. Development of good health and profitable utilization of leisure time, 6. Respect and tolerance for others, 7. Development of abilities of oral and written communication, 8. Recognition and acceptance of the responsibilities of citizenship in the family, the group, the community, the state, the nation, and the world. B. Timeliness of Reports and Documents
The intern shall complete the reports and documents listed below in order to meet the requirements set forth for satisfactory completion of the program. The reports and documents shall be contained within the Intern's Training Manual and submitted to the student's Industrial Technology Instructor during the last week of the Training Period. Report/Document Date to be Completed 1. Student Profile and Application Prior to beginning Internship for Internship (Form #S1) 2. Training Agreement (Form #SEC1) Prior to beginning Internship 3. Weekly Reports (Form #S2, S3) End of respective week 4. Facts About My Company (Form #S4) Prior to completion of Training
5. Intern's Duties & Responsibilities Prior to completion of Training
(Form #S5) period 6. Student's Final Evaluation of training Last week of Training period station (Form #S7) 7. Student Self-Rating (Form #S8) Last week of Training Period C. Tips to the Trainee
You may not have a great deal of work experience. If this is the case, you will find the business world far different from that of school. So that this change will not be too difficult to make, read the following 'tips' and refer to them