The Qualities of the Person to Marry Essay

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Rahmo mohamud
Assignment 12
December 15,2014

Future Husband

Since we are human being ,we need partner who can support us in our emotional and physical difficulties . As people, we have internal and external obstacles, and it is very important to have someone who have ability to understand our situation which needs encouragement and extra motivation. most significant thing we get marriage is to have kids because kids are something that I can not describe how valuable they are. As my friend I want give you my best advice ever.

First independent and self confident are very important in human’s life,so it is great to make sure the quality of the person that you want to spend with him the rest of your life.If the man you love has these things you will be enjoy the rest of your life.He should be responsible and can handle his duties for example, after you get marriage, you may have kids, and you are human being. Something can happen to you. So you need husband who can take care your kids or your self without worry. because they are dependent on you.He should be innovation and can innovate his own ideas because family needs progress and success in life.It is nice to marry a man who is hard worker and can do everything during your pregnancy and having baby. that time is the time you are so weak and tire.Resourceful person is another useful method because every family needs future and perfect life. My dear friend try to find decision maker man if your husband does not have strong decision, your marriage may destroy easily.

Second Patience is necessary for marriage both husband and wife,so you should put your efforts to find someone who is if you want to do something or want to go somewhere, and your husband is inflexible.
He may say no all the time,and that is difficult and can make you angry and disagreement.Also humble man is very nice one because we are ladies and always have complaining on our husbands,so the humble man is the one who can forget what we are saying and