The quest of a Dragon (How to Become a Dragon) Essay example

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The Quest of a Dragon
Getting bored with ordinary mundane life? Have you ever thought “I'm tired of living as a human, I want to become a dragon and breathe fire and fly!” well you can but it is no easy feat.

First know that only ones who truly want to become a dragon can, it helps to have the magical birthmark in the shape of a unicorn or dragon that the gifted ones are born with. If you don’t then a tattoo or the less painful temporary tattoo will work too (know that the temporary one will also mean that being a dragon is temporary).
If you opt for the tattoo then you will need pixie dust (not to be confused with fairy dust) infused into the ink, which will give you the flying abilities of the pixie. You need the pixie’s flying ability because they are faster than the fairy’s. Remember pixies are tricky ones they are very good at taking everything you own and making you think that you gave it to them willingly. Pixie’s can take anything from physical items to your memories, so be firm when encountering one, becoming a dragon is a grand desire so be willing to deal with the consequences.
To get the pixie dust, you must find one. Most pixies live in the bigger cities such as Chicago or New York City so that they can play tricks on the humans. You can distinguish them by a number of garments they will be wearing. Amongst these are often:
• Flip-flops with tube socks, shorts, and a sweater
• Combat boots, bicycle shorts, and tank top
• Rubber boots, khakis, fanny pack, belly shirt, and trucker hat

Now it is time to find a fairy. Fairies live in remote areas and most likely to be found in nature parks away from civilization and often near waterfalls. They normally wear flowing dresses or suits made out of the nature around them so as to blend in. Fairies are kinder than pixies so for small wishes they don’t ask for much,