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The question everyone is asking is how is The Great Gatsby an autobiography? Well it involves Jay and Nick Carraway two of the main characters in the great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald (the author of the book) is more the character of Gatsby then he is nick It's long been held that Fitzgerald used The Great Gatsby to express his true feelings about the rich and the leisure class. But what I wanted to say was that his characters, Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby, represented two versions of his character in this world. Nick, in my opinion, represents how Fitzgerald sees himself, the honest man in a company of liars. Fitzgerald is a man who lost his love, which in the book is daisy. But daisy is really Fitzgerald wife Zelda. Like Fitzgerald, Gatsby throws parties all the time. Fitzgerald and Zelda would through these parties together and that’s what confuses a lot of people. Why you ask? Well because Gatsby would through these parties to one day hope that daisy would come to one of his parties. While Fitzgerald would through parties with his wife for fun. Gatsby and Fitzgerald both went to war. Fitzgerald was never able to attain the fame that he pursued throughout his whole life, but was able to live out his dreams of wealth and success through Jay Gatsby. The next similarity between Fitzgerald's life and Jay Gatsby's life is both of their strong opinions of alcohol. The last parallel that can be drawn between Gatsby and Fitzgerald is their love lives. In The Great Gatsby,