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Radio in 1920’s

The first radio broadcast was on May 20, 1920 in North America which involved a musical program. In the 1920s, radios were not polished. In other words, earphones were used to listen to the radio and the volume was controlled by a switch which was loud and soft. The listeners had trouble hearing the broadcast and had to strain their ears.
Small groups of people gather around a radio to listen to the news and entertainment events.

Over the years, the radio had improved. The radio had introduced a new type of entertainment for everyone. Most radio stations provided music, comedy, drama, education, preaching, news, poetry or story reading. Ted Rogers, a Canadian electronics engineer, invented a method of using electric current to power the radio. In result of his invention, batteries and crystals were not needed to power the radio anymore. Ted Rogers formed a radio station in Toronto which was called CFRB- “Rogers Batteryless.”
Ted Rogers
In the 1920s, Canadian listeners usually listened to American radio stations due to the few Canadian programs. As a result, American music, advertisements, songs, programs and news report were spread into Canada. At this time, there were no government controls. About eighty percent of what Canadians heard on the radio came from the United States as of 1930. Many were worried that Canadians were too influenced due to the amount of American programs. By 1936, a royal commission was set up by the government to investigate and solve the problem. The recommendation from the Aird Report was to only