The Rath Een: A Short Story

Words: 969
Pages: 4

John pierced his sword and unleashed a deadly Piercing Strike that penetrated through the Rath'een. His opponent gasped in pain and collapsed onto the ground. The body twitched a little before stopping. Whew! Killed it! John walked towards the body and bent down to search its clothes for anything useful. Suddenly, the Rath'een opened its eyes and pounced on top of John who reflexively raised his right arm to block. The Rath'een bit at the arm as if its life depended on it. The young man roared in anger and pushed the rat-like creature into a wall, causing it loosened its bite. With its mouth open in agony, John struck with his steel sword and split the little bastard's head in half.

John wiped his brow and noticed the pouch in his hand. He had
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Along the way, he conducted some simple disinfection and bandaging. After he finished searching the village once, he headed back to the Training Hall. As he approached the Training Hall, he saw Daedalus outside with a bag over his shoulder.

"How's your patrolling? I see you're all scratched up, did you kill any Rath'een scum?" Daedalus waved at John as soon as he saw the young Shadow Walker.

"Yes sir. I've killed a couple of Rath'eens and Rath'een Brawlers. What about the situation outside?"

"Good job on clearing out those Rath'een bastards, John. As for the situation outside, it's getting worse. Though we managed to take out several groups of Rath'een warriors, there were still more groups than one can count. In addition, we had lost a couple of people. Did anyone die here?"


"What? What happened?"

"Old man Gibbons...when I got there, he was already...." John responded, "But I was able to save his granddaughter."

"Old man Gibbons died eh?" Daedalus sighed. "That's regrettable. At least you saved his granddaughter. When this is over, I'll make sure to give him and the others a proper