The Rationing of Organs for Sale Essay

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Shelby Hooper
The Rationing of Organs for Sale
August 24, 2013

Everyday people are dying because they aren’t able to find someone to match their blood type for an organ donation. There is always a constant need for organ donors for a life saving surgery. People will be more motivated to give up their organs if there will be money involved. Therefore we should change how the policy goes and step out of the box and give everyone a chance at life if that opportunity arises with an organ donation. Many of the arguments about organ donations are with people who aren’t comfortable with change. “Since the mid-1980s, the US federal government has outlawed any payments for transplant organs, even from family members of sick individuals.” (Lehrer, 2002)We are rejecting the new ideas and keeping the old, why change something when it’s been working for years. However, in today’s world organ donors are become less so we need this change and it’s all right to change. Changes are always good. I have learned, as my grandfather was in this position, when I was a little girl, for us to make the decision whether we should donate his organs or not. My mother was so confused that she was never able to make that decision, because she didn’t want to accept that we would never see our grandpa again. When the time the result was to donate my grandpas organs to someone who was needed it. “The main factor limiting organ donation is that less than half of the families of potential donors consent to donation.” (Stevens, 2008) My mother taught me the value or giving a younger person the opportunity to continue their life and that it’s all right to be different. Some people aren’t going to like that we gave his organs to someone else but that’s what change is all about. She taught us that even though change is hard and we have to get use to not see our grandpa that he is in a better place and that’s what he would have wanted for someone else to enjoy their life like he did. In conclusion, although we still aren’t able to sell or buy organs, that doesn’t mean you should not donate yours. You should want to donate your organs because it makes you feel better about yourself that you are helping someone else’s life and not sticking to your own ways. If we are all able to step out of our comfortable zone and help donate organs than this would greatly