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The Raven and Other Poems
The book The Raven and Other Poems by Edgar Allan Poe contains some of Poe’s greats poems written. Some of the poems included in his book are: The Raven, The Valley of Unrest, The Bridal Balled, and many more. One in particular that stood out while reading the book was The Sleeper. Since this poem was written a long time ago it can be very hard to understand exactly what is going on and the point that the author is trying to get across. This poem was written in the 1800’s, therefore style of writing has changed tremendously.
While some of the words that are used can be confusing or have a different meaning, if one were to read it multiple times and really think about what exactly is begging said it won’t be as confusing. Poe writes, in the first half of his poem: “All Beauty sleeps!- and lo! Where lies (Her casement open to the skies) Iren, with Her Destines”. With all the words in the poem, a lot of them aren’t used now and days by the everyday person. Now if one reads on, and really thinks and takes out the more confusing words, then they may realize that the first half of the poem is about a man who has lost his one true love. At this point he believes that she is actually there and he is talking to her and asking her questions. He continues on saying that even though she is gone she is still beautiful and he still loves her. As the poem continues the words become a little bit confusing, again because some of those words are not used in this century anymore and if they are the have a completely different meaning. In the second half of his poem, Poe