The Ravenous Hydra Essay

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Dear Mr. Ferderer,

I received an A this year because of my undying will to triumph in the presence of what is commonly known as “Senioritis”. Throughout this school year, you have taught us how to fine tune our writing in order to have our own distinct voice. This has proven to be quite an ungainly progression for it has taken me all this time just to be able to speak my mind. In the midst of all this, I had finally started my first steps into the world of professional tennis, but of course, that is story to be told at another time.

In the beginning of this year, everything was laid back. From what I remember, the “Why, Be, Do” posters was the project that set off the year on a memorable note. It made me want to share a part of what I have contributed to the world, even if it was not much; I found out what others thought of me, too, which is always a plus in my book. Ultimately, I learned that people need a positive outlook in order to be inspired, and with that inspiration, a chain reaction can occur into inspiring others and so on. The idea sounds pretty sweet; the countless hours of pushing on and waiting one has to undergo, not so much. When I think back on all the essays we wrote, I did not think I would make it to the end of the year. All the things I have learned—the insights I have gained all manifest in this one letter of our alphabet: A. Not only did I strive to meet all expectations required to meet this one letter grade, but I also had fun and learned as