The Ravine By Graham Salisbury: Character Analysis

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Graham Salisbury uses the characters traits to explain who the characters are in “The Ravine.” The characters names are Vinny and Joe-Boy and they are best friends in the beginning. Salisbury explains Vinny is a boy that is afraid of heights, Vinny has a bad friend.

Here are some differences between Joe-Boy and Vinny. They have different character traits. One example is that Vinny is afraid of heights and Joe-boy isn’t. On page 10 it says that Vinny “spit out something sour when he was on the cliff”. Vinny is also dizzy when he looks down at Joe-boy in the water waving his arms in the air. I can infer that VInny is afraid of heights. Joe-Boy isn’t afraid of heights because he was up on the cliff and jumped right off. Another reason is that Joe-Boy has a girlfriend and Vinny doesn’t have a girlfriend Joe-Boy girlfriend’s name is Starlene. Joe-Boy picks on people for example on all of the pages Joe-Boy is always picking on Vinny calls him a scaredy cat.
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They both have in common that they are boys, are 15 years old ,and friends. The author wrote, Vinny; and his best friend Joe-Boy. The author wrote that they are both 15 years old. Vinny and Joe-Boy are both hawaiian. Vinny and Joe-Boy are both foolish because they are both at the “Ravine” and are saying that they should jump off the cliff, also they are there at where a boy just died. The similarities and differences of Joe-Boy and Vinny are what make these two characters completely different. In conclusion, the similarities and differences of Vinny and Joe-Boy are used to describe the