The Read Aloud Reflection: My Voluntary Preschool Class

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The read aloud assignment was a learning experience that I enjoy immensely. Partially, because I had the same group of students in my Voluntary Preschool Class last year, and had prior knowledge of the students prior to writing the lesson. Up to this point in the semester, the lessons I have written are for students I know nothing about. The read aloud was personalize for the group’s interest and I knew it would go over well. There were four kindergarten students in the group and three of them met my objective (Students will work cooperatively in a small group to sequence major events that take place in the story, correctly sequencing 5 out 7 story events. Students will answer two text based questions that are about the major events that …show more content…
Being aware of the students’ academic reading level from last year, I knew the students had the prior knowledge they needed to be successful completing the task after the read aloud. The students were asked to answer questions and retell the story by sequencing key events from the story. The task was supported by text based questions as well as characters names pre-written out on text card. The overall goal, students would complete six questions and correctly place six events in sequence based on the story read to them. However, I over looked the fact the Kindergartens group was not reading by themselves yet. Therefore, I had to read each question and index card for the students.

The group met my objective, except for one student. That student left half way through the lesson, therefore I am not aware if the student would have met my object at the end of the lesson. If I had to remediate this student, I would start by selecting books that might be more interesting to the students. That may have solved the problem and there may not be any need for remediation. The activity was designed to assess student’s ability to meet my objectives, and if not how to adjust my future lessons. The student was clearly not interested in the