The Read-Recite-Review Study Strategy: Effective And Portable Essay

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The Three R’s

An Analysis of Psychological Science’s Read-Recite-Review Strategy

Michelle Ly

St. John’s University


Though the use of note-taking and rereading is most notably known as the best study technique amongst college students, we see that other ways of retaining information can be more beneficial than that of writing notes and reading them over before exams. The article at hand tests the idea of a 3R method which is the use of reading, recalling, and reviewing information instead of traditional study methods. The usage of the 3R strategy in studying is seen as more effective than traditional note-taking, due to the 3R strategy being able to increase the chances of recalling information
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For the first passage, the students were given a free-recall test, a multiple-choice test and four problem-solving problems.

Students later came back after one week and completed all three tests for both passages. The students were tested on the second article for the first time and the first article for the first time.


In regards to study time, students who participated in the note-taking group took a significant increase in the amount of time they spent reading the article compared to those who in the 3R group and the reread only group.

In the results provided, we see that in the free-recall testing, the 3R group performed better than the note-taking group and the rereading groups. In the 3R group, we see that the use of recall was more effective than the other two study strategy groups. Comparing the note-taking groups and the rereading groups, there is no significant difference between the two.

In the multiple choice portion, we see that the 3R group better than the reread-only group after the week period. However the note-taking group and the rereading group did not differ in results.

In the problem-solving portion, the 3R and note-taking groups did much better than the reread only group. Immediate testing showed that the relationship between time of testing and scores was not significant.


Reading this journal, I saw that the correlation between time and the study methods very