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The Road Essay The character’s experience with exile is alienating because it caused the father and son to feel far away from others and other things. The cause of this feeling was the way the world was now in the book. With the world being burnt and destroyed, not many people are alive but if they are, then they are all each other’s enemy. On an encounter with another human, the father and son hide out, run, or they fight. When they came upon the three men and the one pregnant woman, they hid from them beneath a bridge. They hid because those four people would have killed them for their food and other supplies. Because of the world’s current condition, it makes people kill others so they themselves can survive. This meaning that when someone needs something to survive, then that person will kill to get it. On the second encounter of the father and son running into the four people, the one man shot an arrow into the father’s leg. The man wanted to kill the father and son, so they could have their cart in which they had kept all of their supplies. The experience is also alienating because it causes people to become unsympathetic or unfriendly. When the father and son came across bad people who killed, tortured, and raped others; they had come across the unfriendly. After the apocalypse, there were few to none who weren’t unfriendly. This unfriendliness is because of what the apocalypse had done to the world. It had left people with little to nothing and it made people mad and create unfriendliness. Another way that the experience is alienating is because it makes a person no longer close to another person. After the boy had seen all of those people held naked and hostage, “the father felt a distance between them” (McCarthy 136, 190). It was as if the boy had felt something so deep when he had seen those hostages that he had lost social contact with his father. Although the boy finally spoke, it was still a huge scarring on the boys mind. The character’s experience with exile is enriching because it makes the reader personally wait for whatever is going to happen next. It makes the reader feel suspense with the way the world is after the apocalypse in the book. It also makes the reader feel as if they are the character themselves and as if they have to keep reading to keep the characters alive. The experience of the character increases the quality and value of the book because it creates emotion inside of the reader. This emotion makes the reader feel as if they are a part of the action in the book. It also enriches the book because the suspense makes the reader get so caught up in the book that they do not want to put it down. This suspense is created by the expression afterworld after the experience of the apocalypse. Even in the beginning of the book, the reader is wondering what even happened to the world to create such hostility and isolation. The reader keeps reading until they finally reach the books end. The experience is also enriching because of the effects of the book on the reader. If the reader likes the feeling of the characters throughout their journey then that will add value to the book. Let’s say the…