The Reader and Facial Expressions Essay

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How do Pictures Convey Meanings Feature | How created | Atmosphere -generalFeelings/ ideas generated from image-can be light headed, romantic, scary, humorous. | Colour, facial expressions, size, subject matter, types of characters. | Characters-What type of character? Funny, scary, young, innocent, playful, angry | Personification-animals given human characteristics (ability’s to speak, smile, show emotions)Size- (compared to others)Facial Expressions- gentle, kind, surprised | ColourSolid? Tinted? Light? Pastel? | Colours can be used symbolically eg:purple- royal, kingred- temper, fire, passionblack- nothing, death, unhappinessblue- native (if dark-depression)yellow- happiness/sun/light | Vector LinesA ‘line’ in an image which draws readers attention to another object | Vector lines can be tree, branches limbs of characters, sun beams ect. | Curves and LinesCurves can create a sense of flow and softnessLines are more solid, strict, controlled effect. | Curves look more gentle- oftenLines can appear to be harsh | TextLook at type of font, colour, change in font and size. Look at message in text- what is being said? | Is font old fashioned? Romantic? Scientific? What is size of font telling you? Is text colour being used symbolically? Look for metaphors, similes and alliteration and repetition in the text. Does text math the character who speaks the text. |

The picture/image on the page is called the SALIENT IMAGE
ATMOPHERE (light hearted, humorous,…