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Final Exam Essay 1: The Reading Life Reading has declined drastically among every group of young americans. This has been going on for 20 years, but the trends are getting worse, and the worst declines are among younger American adults. In the last 20 years, younger American adults have gone from being the people in our society who read the most to the people who read the least (Gioia 2). For the first time in American history, almost less than half of the United States population reads literature anymore. Society is slowly starting to lose it's literary sense. We have so many distractions and technology is one of them, Albert Eistein said, " I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Whether or not we are in that generation is up for debate perhaps you can take a pole on facebook, twitter or instagram. In addition, an in-depth approach to reading is an approach where the reader uses high order thinking skills such as being able to analyze, synthesize, and solve problems. The reader makes connections to already known concepts and principles and uses this understanding for problem solving in new context. I've always been lectured by my teachers and parents when I was in highschool to read at least 20 minutes a day. I would set time aside for my reading but as I opened my i pad suddenly my world changed course and instead of sailing across the seas with columbus i was checking my notifcations on facebook. I've never been a advid reader in highschool I only read when it was required. When I took a driving class online I paid extra for the audio so I didnt have to read it myself I would rather listen to Betty Whites voice read the course information and be lazy rather than put my brain to work. Reading is a building block, a firm foundation on which one can build a kingdom. Reading has been a war for me one that hasnt been so kind. Losing constanly to social media I spend more time in the dungeons of my kingdom rather in court. I hope to find a book worm in this dungeon only he will have the power to set me free from this famine of words. Reading is vitally important because it helps the reader discover new things. It also helps develop the mind and expands the way someone thinks. Ive learned something new everytime I open a piece of literature whether who killed mcbeth or the beating heart in a floor board. I have yet to fall in love with the different shades of grey and I hate twilight saga it's all kids seems to be reading these days. I'm one of those people who forgets what the book is actually about when I'm half way through, so I always find myself reading the same page twice. Being in college for a semester now has taught me that I can't get through college without thoroughly reading every thing I write. There is no time like the present and it's time I start reading its more important now than ever. I may not be an active reader, but it does play an important role in my life mainly when I'm driving or reading the directions on how to make mac and cheese. I never really invested in reading I thought I did enough at school I learned the basics and thought i was a master sadly i am only a apprentise. In my pursuit of becoming a advid reader I've learned to jugle time so setting a little time aside here and there through out the day is the best way to dive in the books for me. College has been a nose dive into a pool of books I just hope i can read fast enough. Elementary school happened to be some of the best years of my life, education wise. I was being introduced to new things and I liked learning about them. Reading was very interesting to me at that time. My family has always been very strict on education between me and my brother. My dad always tried to enforce reading because when he was a child, my Grandmother would make him read for about an hour a day, my dad said it paid off because he wouldn't be half the man he is today if