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The Real America
To me the real America can be found in the small towns and rural areas from coast to coast. Real America has nothing to do with wealth, success, or keeping up with those around you. It means that you have the ability to maximize your potential. I do not believe that real America has anything to do with mortgages, car payments, and 401 k’s, but more to do with how we treat each other. Real America means working together, building communities that take care of all the members within that community.

America as a whole has many members that are kind and good. Courage and determination are traits that are portrayed by many Americans. In rural America we see those who are running factories and growing food for all of America. America is not confined to our large cities and to our capitol. The total US population as of the 2000 census was 285,230,516, of which 20.781 % live in rural areas. Urban areas have 79.219 % of the population. (FHWA) According to the statistics there are many more Americans living in urban areas. The census defines urban areas as those with population over 50,000. To me this means that a lot of rural communities and small towns are included in this statistic, just because of the population requirements

One of the most important aspects of rural America is our family farms. Independent family farms have been the backbone of our supply of fresh, safe, sustainably grown foods. The existence of farms ensures that there is green space in the communities. When family farms go under we lose diversity in our food supply and we lose a part of our real America.

Our national respect for rural life runs deep it has developed slowly, from when the early colonists lived primarily in towns. Early colonists grouped together for protection and preservation of their ideas and beliefs. All of this changed with the American Revolution since that time the rural life has been more and more engrained in its population and thus became an important piece of American identity.

I still hear many folks attribute urban living with materialism and selfishness. I hear comments about rural America in a much more favorable light. Rural America is a refuge from the chaos and insanity of urban living. Rural America is a place where life is genuine and where families and communities thrive.

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