The Real Pocahontas FInal Paper

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Jessica Massey
Period one
September 20, 2014
Pocahontas Project
The Real Pocahontas Jamestown, what most refer to as the temporary home of John Smith, Who adored the beloved and breath-taking Pocahontas and lived rather easily in the New World. But, based on history's account, was it really that simple? Disney's Pocahontas is historically inaccurate do to the age inaccuracies, the unrealistic speakings of the natives, and the ginormous lack of death. The first thing that Disney fails to portray is the inaccurate ages and the relationship of Pocahontas and John Smith. In Disney's movie, Pocahontas and John Smith were portrayed as adults. Pocahontas, whose real name is Matoaka, was scarcely the age of twelve when she first encountered John Smith, him being roughly the age of twenty-four. In, Disney's film, Pocahontas had saved Smith's life by throwing herself in front of him as her father, Cheif Powhatan, was seconds away from smashing Smith's head with a club. On history's account, Pocahontas saved his life simply by convincing her father to trade corn for jewels from the colonists. The second point that Disney failed to recreate was the unrealistic speaking of the natives. In Disney's movie, the Natives spoke fluent English as well as their native language, Algonquin. Since the Natives lived accross the ocean, in a land previously undiscovered by the Englishman, it would be irrational for them to speak fluent English. There is a possiblity of them learning an acute amount of English from the Colonists, but it would never had been enough for them to be able to speak the language fluently. In Disney's movie, they show Pocahontas teaching John Smith some of the basic sayings of her language such as ''hello'' and ''goodbye'', but she would not have been able to render what Smith had