The Reason for Coming to the United States Essay

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The Reasons for Coming to the United States
Have you ever made an important decision? It is really difficult for me when it comes to making a decision. However, in order to make a fair decision is really important to think about how to make a good choice to not regret later, and achieve a good quality of life. There are three main reasons why I wanted to come to the United States join my family, help my daughters in their education, and to try to get an associate’s degree.
The first and immediate reason for coming to the United States was to join my family. This reason influenced me to leave everything in my country to get a main objective in my life to be together with my two daughters. They are the reason why I came to live in America since my oldest daughter came before us. Although I had nostalgia for leaving my parents, family, and friends, my hope to join my daughters again was greater than the sadness I felt after leaving everything and starting from scratch. Despite leaving my family and my job, where I worked as a nurse for 16 years at a hospital, none of them intervened and told me not to come.
The second and important reason for coming to the United States was to help my daughters in their education. American education is a great opportunity for a better life. Students are able to achieve their goals, because they have many options to get a career. For this reason I left my country to help my daughters encouraging them to study, so they can get many job opportunities. It is not only important to motivate them; I also have to work to support them financially in their education, food, clothing and books. As a result of this helps to them, I know they will have the reward of…