Essay on The reconstruction was an important time for the country

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DBQ reconstruction
Period 5
The reconstruction was an important time for the country’s history, because it sets the president that the country will follow for a long time.
The reconstruction has shaped this country drastically, and the decisions made during this time weren’t always successful. One , ;/1 example is in document instead of people doing different types of jobs they went back to farming, after they got their freedom. The bad part about this is how they would get their land and tools to farm. Most of the time they would by and rent it from their ex-slave masters. To rent and by the tools African Americans would have to give up a share of their crops giving them enough money to just get by. When this happened they were giving the former slave master power of them that allowed them to control their life again. The second failure was in document 5 you can see how people we still being treated terrible. On the left you have they white league which were hurting you by not allowing you to vote which hurt you when you wanted to be part of your government. Then on your right you have the kkk which were hurting you physically. The kkk would burn you house and hang you sometimes. This was also major change that took place during the reconstruction because the kkk will leave a scar on the country by operating in the shadows. The next major change in this country is in document 3 when you can see how the government failed at rehabilitating the former slaves. They “were set free without a dollar, without away to get their next meal” the reason this was a major change in the country was because the property rate went up expanationly.