The Red Badge Of Courage

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The Red Badge of Courage
The article The Savior is about a young boy name Josh that joins the army. In the beginning of this short story Josh describes himself as a “monster”. He is holding a dead body and feels like everything is his fault. Soon he has a flash back from where it all started. In the flash back he remembers when he says good-bye to his little 9 year old sister. She didn’t like the idea of him leaving, she cried a bit but at the end she gave him a warm smile and hug.
During Josh training he felt like he was about to give up, but he didn’t. His best friend Todd Shaw always pushed him. Whenever he felt like giving up on his daily 5 mile run Todd pushed him and helped him in other stuff. Soon Todd and Josh had to go their own separate ways because of the mission but when Josh saw Todd again, he was badly injured. His legs were disconnected from his body. Josh soon realized how dangerous this war could be.
While in his mission he saw two deaths. A sweet innocent boy got shot in the head and also his friend Jimmy got shot in the stomach. They were being under attack so they were forced to evacuate. Not knowing what to do Josh tried to help Jimmy as much as he could, but things only got worse. While trying to get away from the enemy on their military vehicle they ran into a hill, the car was rolling so many times. Some people were badly injured of the crash so they were left behind while the ones not so injured ran away. Josh had found a house that only contained an old man and his son. The kid seemed really suspicious though. He gave stares of hate to Josh and as soon as you know it, the kid tried to shoot Josh, but Josh shot the boy first. With anger the father tried to shoot Josh but Josh too shot the father. As Josh saw both of them die he called himself a monster. Soon the story flashes forward to when Josh returns home. He does not feel like a hero or a savior, He just feels like a guy who has to keep a couple of promises.
The Savior is similar to The Red Badge of Courage by the theme and somewhat the character. In the Red Badge of Courage Henry, which is the main character in the story, decides to join the army. Henry’s mom disagreed with the idea of him joining the army. She discouraged him in every way possible, telling him it’s a ridiculous idea of him to join