The Red Line Essay

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The Red Line

The short story ”The Red Line” written by Charles Higson’s in 1993, takes place in the centre of London. The story deals with three extremely different people who all happens to meet each other while riding the tubes of London, which takes a dramatic turn. Furthermore I will analyse and interpret the short story with special focus on narrative technique and the creation of suspense.

In this short story we are introduced to an Italian man, named Berto. He used to live in Venice, where he met a girl who he believes to be his “girlfriend”, Cathy, who is English. They met in Venice where they had a “relationship”, but they spent most of their time in bed, partly because of Berto's lacking skill of speaking English.
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This new narrative technique is also used so the reader, can identify himself with the situations a lot easier. Furthermore we are able to find out more stuff about our characters because of the different point of views, with some help of common knowledge. We know that the postmodernism era has a characteristic writing method, which is to omit unnecessary information, such as a name. The name of the cherub looking guy in this short story, is not given to the reader. It's quite a paradox between his personality and the fact that he is given no name. His big dream is to travel to America and become famous, ”He dreamt that one day he might go on television, do his routine and win a big prize, enough money to be able to afford to go to America, maybe even visit where Bob lived.”(page 63, line, 16-18), therefore it's quite a paradox that he is nameless. This narrative technique is also extremly well when the writer needs to use symbolism, as the nameless man is a symbol for mainstream. It is mainstream to want the feeling of beeing famous and known througout the world, and at the same he is strict about his look, which also is a very modern thing to be like. As mentioned earlier this narrative technique shows the reader, the short story with all different kind of views. Berto is an exact oppostion to the nameless man. Berto is an old fashioned italian, who does not