The Relations Between Native Americans and Colonists Essays

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The Relations between Native Americans and Colonists

There are many reasons Native Americans and European Colonists did not have a good relationship. The reason for conflict between Colonist and Indians was due to the Colonists insatiable greed for power and land. Some of the reasons not only included physical mistreatment but also an ethical mistreatment of the Native Americans. European Colonists not only brought with them many different diseases that would later aid in the genocide of many Native American tribes, but also a mindset in which they felt superior to there Native neighbors. This feeling of superiority led to an outbreak of violence and many different civil wars. Due to the Native American and the Colonists irreconcilable
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Georgia, the Court refused to hear a case extending Georgia's laws on the Cherokee because they did not represent a sovereign nation. In 1832, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokee on the same issue in Worcester v. Georgia. In this case Chief Justice John Marshall ruled that the Cherokee Nation was sovereign, making the removal laws invalid. The Cherokee would have to agree to removal in a treaty. The treaty then would have to be ratified by the Senate” (Trail of Tears). Because of the many wars between Native Americans and the Colonists, Indians went from owning most of the land in America to being limited to a few reserves in their own country. “Because of the colonists and the many years of war between them and the Natives the Native American went from dominating 'America' to now having pitiful reserves allotted to them. Their population dramatically decreased from the start, and kept declining after new diseases plagued them, bitter weather lashed at them during their treks across America from being pushed off their land, and because of the wars endless amounts of Natives were slaughtered. With the arrival of colonists came the demise of the Native Americans” (Nubi). The European Settlers would take advantage of tribes and use them for their own benefit. “The Pawnees became scouts. They were very successful in helping protect the railroad as it was being built across Nebraska, and they accompanied several U.S. Amy expeditions against the