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Alex Blanco
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12 March 2014
Ways to Survive the First Semester of College The first semester of college is not easy to any new college student. There is some advice to help them to survive the first semester of college. Students should get information because they need to search for tons of information about several things such as buildings, classrooms, groups, registration process, and financial aid if needed. In summary, they all look for information. So knowing where to get information, knowing the best place to get it and not being shy to ask for it helps a lot. New college students should explore all around the campus because they need to know where the classrooms, the cafeterias, the book store, the financial aid department is if needed, and they especially need to know all about parking lots because it is so important to know where they are allowed to park and how to park their cars correctly. Experience is an important thing in student life, so talking to a college veteran helps also, especially if the college veteran is someone that they already know, for that person can provide the right information and very good tips. Finally, making friends is the last and most important thing that helps new college students because studying is sometimes boring and stressful to a student so friends help them to relax and find someone to talk about something interesting and do pleasant activities. Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend is not recommended