The Relationship Between Father And Daughter

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The aspect that helps me understands the father’s and the daughter’s relationship is through the structure of the poem. An example for this is the 1st-4th stanza that shows her dependence on her father. This part of the poem shows the girls dependence and her trust in her father. It shows that she and the father have a strong relationship because they would travel at night together and explore the world together. It shows their bond and connection and their joys that they have in their travels. It shows that the daughter is like a student and the father is like the teacher because of the father’s world of words. These series of stanzas show that the father and daughter learnt things together. It showed that these worlds were made by them and it was only their world. This showed their bond and deep friendship for each other.
Another aspect is the diction of the poem. Together and we are both good examples of the diction in the poem. This helps me understand their relationship because the word together means: “Into companionship or close association.” This signifies that they had a close and strong bond because they would wander through the world of words together and with each other in a close relationship. The word we are also used a lot by her, signifying that she is not alone but with her father.

An aspect that shows the daughter’s relationship is further developed is through the diction of the poem. An example of this is the quote, “I became a solitary explorer.” This shows that she has become independent because the word solitary means done or alone. It shows that during her life she has explored the world by herself and her relationship with her father has started to diminish. She has become less dependent on her father and started to drift apart from her father’s teachings and go her own way. This is normal for a teenager to feel this way because some teenagers want to become more independent and stop relying on their parents’ teachings. She wanted to learn things by herself and go through puzzles at