The Relativity of Time With Music Essay

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Professor Hoover
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30 Sept. 2013
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The Relativity of Time With Music Talking about music time can be relative. When listening to music every person has their own sense of time. Dealing with either fast or slow types of music, it is up to the beholder to whether they believe it is true or not. But how can we define what slow music means? The textbook definition of slow is registering a time or rate behind or below the correct one. Music can be related to this statement by regarding the different types of music by tweaking time to feel slow and go below the proper regiment of time.
For instance listening to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata, depending on the type of person, it could either put someone to sleep, wake them up, or inspire them to do something. For example it could motivate them to do their chores. In this case I will use myself as the type of person who would rather listen to a slow music in order to be motivated to do my chores. It calms me down enough to think about the amount of time I would describe myself to finish what I want to accomplish. But in order for me to keep listening to slow music it depends on how long it takes to do my chores. If it only takes less than an hour I like to listen to slow music, if I am spending all day doing them I have to listen to faster paced music.
When it comes to slow music it can take a certain type of person in order to listen to it. If the person is super active and cannot stay in one spot for very long, slow music will just bore them. But to a person who likes to sit in a park and read for hours, they would embrace slow music to add to the mood of serenity while reading. If we compare an old man in his nineties to a twenty year old, it would be the old man that would rather listen to slow music. He could have been raised on slow music because they did not create warped sounds to add to instruments till later in the twentieth century. The type of person who listens to slow music really goes hand in hand with how long they listen to it, depending on their enjoyment.
How long a person listens to music can relate to the type of person they are. Slow music could be listened to for hours on end if someone enjoyed it that much, but what if they were on a road trip, or doing their chores? They would not listen to it for very long because it would put them to sleep. With slow music, you picture listening to it in a library or den reading a book. That is where listening to slow music is enjoyable. When it comes to music, slow is not the only type to listen to, it is more likely that on a road trip or exercising you would listen to fast music. Riding in a car with your buddies on a road trip what type of music do you listen to? Nine times out of ten you will get the response of fast music. Listening to the band ‘We the Kings,’ or