The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance – Birth to the Modern World Was the Renaissance the birth to the modern world we live in today? In my opinion, yes it was. The modern world we live in today is a grown up version of what the world was like during the time of the renaissance. The Science, Technology, and Culture of the renaissance are taken to a deeper level in the Modern world as we see today. So yes, the renaissance is the beginning to the modern world we live in today with a moderate change in technology, science, and culture. During the Renaissance, technology was slowly starting to be invented. This is a step of birth because it is still at the early stages. Technology today is at a much deeper level than before. In the renaissance times, 1436, the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg (Inventions of the Renaissance). Now the printing press has turned into big printing machines that print information fast and easy. This means that technology has changed in the period of time. This is important because it shows the evolution of technology and the renaissance being the start/birth. Also, before the printing press, monks had to copy everything by hand. Books took months and sometimes years to copy (History Study Center). Less books means that the knowledge found in them was not completely spread out. But after the printing press, more copies are made, and more knowledge comes to people. The step from no printing press to the invention of one shows a small step of birth of technology in modern world. This invention also helped scientists from back then, put their findings into books, which makes people smarter about how the world works. Science also shows a sign of birth from the time of the renaissance to the time that we live in today. Science today is really complex. All sorts of studies are making the world smarter in understanding how the world works. We can predict the weather, land on the moon, and even study