The Renaissance: Start Of The Middle Ages

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During the Renaissance the grip of the church loosened up on the people and there was a new found interest in the classical era, people would look back to the Greeks and the Romans, and admire their progressiveness and their society, they used this era as an example on how to live and make a departure from the medieval age. Art was used to help this progression evolve and bring individualism to men and women.
I do not believe it was a radical departure from the Middle Ages, instead, I believe it was simply a start of the early modern period. The Renaissance happened over centuries, many of the influential artists from the Renaissance were separated by 100 years. Most of the changes were happening in the wealthy societies and not so much the poorer ones, which made up most of the population. The Renaissance was a significant
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Parents were not telling their children, “Okay kids hold onto your hats the rebirth is here!” The Renaissance was the start of the early modern period because the people wanted a change and to separate themselves from the medieval period. The medieval period was so hard on people with the bubonic plague, wars and a more barbaric lifestyle, even the art was very dark and gothic. People became attracted and slowly strived towards an individual, sophisticated society. In the middle ages the Catholic Church had a great influence on