The Report Of Expansion Bank Of Queensland Ltd.

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The Report of Expansion Bank of Queensland Business in Thailand Analysis

Song Wu 11/10/2012

Executive Summary:
This article is one business investment report due to the requirement of Bank of Queensland Ltd. As the management consultant, this paper combines the global economic situation and the prospect of the international business environment then gives the recommendations which Asian-Pacific region country the BOQ should chose as the expansion market of the business
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The rapidly growth in some countries in this area will have a positive impact on the other countries in this area.

Analysis of Industry, Product and Its Environment
Under this section, we mainly use the three prospective, which are industry-based view, resource-based view and institution-based view to analysis the industry in Thailand and the basic information about the environment in Thailand banking market, also the regulations, policies problem that the company should focus on when expands its business in Thailand.
Industry-based view: 1. Rivalry among competitors
Among the foreign banks which have already hold business in Thailand, BOQ has advantages----The owner-management system, this is the system of that the local mangers of the bank is not only the runs the branches, but own them, the local managers know exactly what and how the local customers needs and demands, this particular system also built up a good relationship between the bank and the customers. However, compare with local banks, the competition is still very fierce. Therefore, the rivalry among competitors is moderate. 2. Threats of potential entry
The threats of potential entry is very low now, this is the main