The Reprimand Play Analysis

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In the plays The Reprimand written by Jane Anderson and The Blizzard written by David Ives, the characters experience power struggles amongst their fellow characters. For instance, in Anderson’s play the characters, Rhonda and Mim are office workers who have just given a presentation, and are back in their separate offices, talking on the phone. Rhonda initiates the phone call, to scold Mim for her inappropriate behavior at the presentation. Since, Rhonda was the project leader; Mim offers her the bigger chair, Rhoda than takes offence to this suggestion. Mim apologizes after Rhonda accuses her of calling her fat, but Rhonda ignores the apology; continuing to tell her that the comment was distracting and may have cost them the project. Therefore, the power struggle in …show more content…
They are unable to see if their expected guests are still on their way, and begin talking about how murder mystery novels and horror films, that Neil had his hand in. Jenny talks about how she loves murder mysteries: “They’re a couple of hours of everything meaning something, for God’s sake. And then they’re over and you’re back to your old life, real life” (1434). While, Neil is not a big fan of murder mysteries, it stated, “You inflict Torturama One, Two and Three on people” (1433) which are movies he produced. These become internal power struggles because when two unexpected guest, Natasha and Salim, show up it is as if their favorite things become reality, all out of their control though. Salim even tells Neil, “This isn’t a movie, this is real life, Neil” (1436). Since, it was obvious the threat Neil gives the strangers is an empty one. Therefore, the power struggle in Ives play is more of an internal one than external, even though it seems as if Neil and Jenny’s home is being hijacked by strangers, it is because they are in shock and do not know how to react to the