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The Republic of the Canyons A simulation game based on SIMSOC by William A. Gamson (2000, The Free Press). The game is played in sessions that last ½ hour to several hours. After each session, the health of the society is calculated by your professor(s). This take a few minutes so it is a good time to take a bathroom/snack break. Just like in a real society, the citizens can behave in ways that contribute to the health of the society or they can cause the demise of the society. You will declare your goals for playing this game and will be given the opportunity to change those goals during the game. The object of the game is to achieve your personal goals, help the group you belong to achieve its goals, and contribute to the success of the society as a whole. You will be part of a society in this activity and just like in a real society, there are laws. This handout outlines the laws of the society, but just like in a real society, the citizens can create new laws or agreements among themselves. Laws outlined in this handout may not be altered. You may not use laptops, classroom computers, or cell phones to communicate during the sessions. Carrier pigeons are acceptable. The professor(s) act as the bank and the bank does not lend money or give credit-this is a cash only society. There are four regions where citizens of the Republic of the Canyons live The citizens of the Green region have an abundance of wealth. Those in the Blue region have more than enough. The Yellows Have enough. The Reds don’t have enough. Citizens can travel from one region to another if they have a ticket to travel. Travel agencies get a supply of public transportation tickets to use, give, or sell. Public transportation tickets cost $15 to buy from the bank and you may travel from your region to another and back. There are no layovers in other regions. Permanent travel tickets (private transportation) cost $25 and give you unlimited travel for the duration of the game. No more than half of the citizens may assemble inn any one region at any time. You may move permanently to another region for a cost to the bank of $10. No more than 1/3 of the citizens may live in any one region. You may be refused the right to move to a region if the citizens unanimously vote to refuse you. Everyone must provide for their own subsistence, food and shelter. Subsistence agencies get a supply of subsistence tickets to use, give, or sell. Subsistence tickets cost $15 to buy from the bank and they are good for one session. A luxury living endowment costs $25 and provides for your subsistence for the duration of the game. If a citizen fails to provide for subsistence for two sessions in a row, he dies and he has to help the professor(s) run the game.

You may transfer the ownership of your subsistence agency, travel agency, luxury living endowment, or private transportation to another person for a fee of $3 payable to the bank. Whether you give or sell them to another person is your private matter. Money-Group heads are supplied with money to start eh game and are provided with more money at the start of each session. This amount varies based on the health of the society, see below. This money can be used by the group head, can be given to someone, or can be used to pay salaries for workers the group head hires. Citizens can give their money freely or be coerced to give their money to endeavors. Employees are hired by use of the Employment Verification Form. The health of the society is calculated by the following National Indicators: FES-Food and Energy Supply, SL-Standard of Living, SC-Social Cohesion, and PC-Public Commitment. If citizens are unemployed for a session, fail to provide for their subsistence, or are absent, this decreases the health of the society. The health of the society is raised by investing in RC-Research and Conservation and WS-Welfare Services. The purpose of RC is to invest in research and activity in the areas of conservation of natural