The Reputation Of Desdemona In Shakespeare's 'Othello'

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Act 3, Scene 4
I really feel for Desdemona and her situation. She is so ignorant as to why her seemingly tranquil husband is suddenly so aggressive and angry towards her. She still believes to see the light and good in him, claiming that he could never be jealous! She believes that she’s doing what Othello is simply so stubborn to do, hiring Cassio back. The fact that this situation could be resolved with a few words is the most frustrating of all because Othello and Desdemona had seemed so perfect together!!
Act 4, Scene 1
I’m genuinely shocked that Othello went as far as slapping Desdemona, and worse, in the face, indicating that it was personal. He is scaring as well, thus his reputation is probably down the toilet. Nevertheless, his pent anger has been released and now it’s a snake free to poison and destroy lives. Iago is playing the role of God in this play, as he has complete control over his puppets and isn’t afraid to create turmoil. He is becoming the unknowing puppeteer controlling others lives to do his bidding. This play really begs the question as to why villains always seem to get the upper hand.
7. a. Quote: “will chop her into messes” (IV.i.219).

b. Analysis: Othello’s aggressive tone and uncharacteristic plan of revenge illustrates his transition from a poised gentleman to an impulsive paranoid. Desdemona’s supposed
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Readers see that it is strong and stable. It is refreshing to have at least one relationship that has never seen conflict and stayed intact, as Shakespeare has every other relationship fall apart at the first sign of trouble or just fall apart because of different world views. Emilia is portrayed to be very loyal to Desdemona, and Desdemona to be protective and kind to Emilia, although she is only her servant of much lower standing. The relationship they have formed give readers hope that not all relationships in the play have to fall apart because it’s a