The Rescue of Lee- The Day Before The War Began Essay

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The following text is a rewriting of rescuing Lee from Lee’s perspective. This event gives an insight into Lee’s experience during the rescue. It shows his way of thinking and his relationship with Ellie.
I wondered where Ellie was. Robyn and I had been waiting here, on edge, for hours now. She was late and I was worrying. What if she had slept in and forgotten about our plan? What if she hadn’t been able to find a bulldozer? What if she had been sabotaged on the way here to save us? There were so many things that could go wrong, so many flaws in our delicate plan.
My thoughts were interrupted by the faint sound of an engine. This must be Ellie. I looked at Robyn in her hiding place across the room and she nodded to me. It was strange how we could understand each other so well without using words. It was almost as if we were talking telepathically. I inched out of my hiding place then slowly and painfully made my way out of the room, down the stairs into the cool street below. I held onto a telegraph pole to keep myself upright, the icy night wind brushing against my sweaty face. The sound of the engine was getting increasingly loud. A minute ago it was a soft hum, now it was gradually turning into a muffled roar. As the sound became louder I got more and more worried. Hopefully the soldiers had fallen for our plan as we had hoped they would, otherwise Ellie would have a trail of soldiers following behind her. If that were the case, this would mean that one, if not all of us, would die tonight.
Suddenly a huge bulldozer drove around the corner, going far too wide and far too fast, almost knocking over trash cans in its path. I gripped the telegraph pole with fear. The bulldozer was coming straight at us, hopefully Ellie had enough control over the vehicle not to run over and kill both Robyn and I.
Ellie was prepared, she had already brought the shovel of the bulldozer down, ready for me to jump in and I was impressed. But as she came closer she brought it down more and more. She brought the shovel down too low and scraped up twenty metres of bitumen before she came to a halt. I looked up into the cab of the truck and saw Ellie wearing a helmet that was much too big for her and was falling past her eyes. She looked ridiculous and I laughed to myself, silently. In that moment I loved her more than ever. I couldn’t watch her for long though. Robyn was violently tugging at my t-shirt, ushering me to follow her. I wanted to just brush her off and stand there blissfully watching Ellie. I glanced at Robyn and she gave me a sharp look, I knew that if I didn’t move soon enough, she would move me herself. I hobbled silently behind her, trying to keep up, to the shovel of the bulldozer and I awkwardly hopped in. We were ready to go.
The engine roared to life and I jumped, I didn’t expect it to be that loud. I heard a whistle and just assumed it was what the engine did as it started up. Robyn looked down at me then sprinted off into the cab. Her reaction to the high pitched noise scared me. The shovel was moved up and the truck jolted, I hit my nose on the cold metal and I rolled on my side. I heard gunshots and fear paralysed my body. My instincts were telling me to get out and run but this was practically impossible