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1. I chose to use I chose Google because it's all I use online to search and I've learned to navigate it very well. I first searched "planning a career change". To see if my results would vary, I changed my keywords to "change + career". Upon looking through my search results, I came across a valuable site named
2. I investigated four different websites to determine which one I would use for my evaluation. The first website I looked at was This website was full of questions to ask yourself if you're looking to change careers. However, one thing I did not like about this, was the fact it did not give you suggestions on how to reach conclusions to these questions. It was more of a guide that was lacking depth in the content of the writing. The next website I analyzed was Goinglobal gives you ten steps on planning a career change. It gives you suggestions on how to mentally prepare yourself for the change and the steps you need to take to be successful in your new career. I disregarded this website due to any links to other information you click on had to be paid for. To me, they were using this website as a form of profit rather than helping individuals looking to better themselves. The third website was titled This website offers 5 very vague tips on how to change your career. It gave basic knowledge information on what you should do to change your career. An example of this is step 1, start looking for a new career that interests you. I chose to pass on this website because it offered me no new experience on changing careers. Finally, the website I chose was I found this website to be very easy to navigate and it covers all aspects of searching for a new career. It offers information on different industries of work, resume building, career