The Resurrection Of Romanticism In Poe's The Masque Of Red Death

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The Resurrection of Romanticism The Romanticism era itself is applied to the literature from the first third of the nineteenth century. This era displays more variety in style, theme, and content than other English literature periods. In addition to the variety, it has also been a topic of an immense amount of disagreement over its defining principles and aesthetics. Romanticism is more concerned with the individual than with society as a whole. However, writers during this era became more invested in social causes as the period continued. Romanticism witnessed a loosening of the rules of artistic expression that were deemed as unwelcome influences. During the Neoclassical period, there were strict rules and expectations regarding the structure and content of the poetry. By the beginning of the Nineteenth century, experimentation with new styles and subject became more common and acceptable. Some critics characterized the new style as mundane, but …show more content…
His works were dismal and twisted, which tested many limits that were placed on this time period. In his short story, entitled The Masque of Red Death, Poe creates a disease, called the Red Death, that plagues a fictional country where the story takes place. The prince of the country, Prince Prospero, feels hopeful, although the disease is spreading throughout his country rapidly. He locks the gates of his palace so that the plague cannot reach him, and after several months of the plague ravaging the country, he throws an extravagant masquerade ball. He decorates the different rooms in his house in different colors, starting with blue, moving to purple, and the seventh room being black and red. In this room, there is a clock that rings every hour. The ring is so loud, it distracts everyone and all conversation stops, along with the orchestra. Most guests avoid this room because of the ominous ambience that embraces