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The Revolutions
The American and French revolutions have many things in common as well as many different points. England had established colonies in America and expected the colonists to support the mother country by sending their goods and taxes back to Great Britain. In the mean time in France, French people wanted to move away from the power of King Louis the XVI.
The French system was at the time was divided unequally between three estates . The first estate was the church who hold most of the power, the second was the king and queen and the nobles and the third estates everybody else beneath them. The French population like the colonists in America was required to pay taxes towards their monarch to support them and cover charges for various war and expenses. The third estates had no power although it was the largest one of the three. Eventually, people started getting angrier at the monarchy for the way they were living and the overall state of the population. When the French population started to rebel the king send out armed forces which then started a chain reaction. The mob took the main jail in France called La Bastille. Eventually, terror spray through France and called the Reign of Terror until Napoleon took over and restore order.
In America, the colonists tried to reason with the British to make Great Britain understand that the colonies could not produce enough to support the mother country and themselves as well. The colonists were also getting weary of paying for so many taxes on paper,